The tastes of our memories ...

The tastes of our memories ...

It was back in the year of 1993 when the "Igdir" tavern family-house was established - full of unique Armenian hospitality and family warmth.

Our walls spread love and warmth, which is so Armenian, and that Armenian is a time-honoured way.

We have tried to create an environment that will give each of our guests the home cosiness, family warmth and attention. Then that geniality will turn into the tangible presence of familiar flavors and aromas, which will slowly take you away to a place that has long been lost but the desire to return to it is constantly present - the childhood with the foggy outlines of its native village; the indescribable pleasure of reliving it, which is the tenderness of grandma's dark hands with traces of milk-white balls of freshly kneaded bread; the sweet flavors of maternal warmth that forever remain etched in the memories of our flavors. Our caring family spared no effort to restore, at least temporarily, this lost and ancient fairy tale just for you through the sensitive world of flavors and smells.

[Rural warmth, purity, and childhood flavor in "Igdir" tavern].

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